How to Merge Layers in Inkscape

When you start working with particularly advanced designs, you may find yourself using Inkscape’s Layers. You may also find yourself wanting to combine or merge multiple layers into just one. Let’s go over how to combine layers in Inkscape!

Step 1

Below, I have a few boxes positioned into 2 separate layers. What I want to do is combine this into a single layer. So go ahead and open Layer > Layers to get started.

inkscape two layers

Step 2

Make sure both of the layers you want to merge are unlocked. Now, select them all and Control+X to cut them.

select all layers

Step 3

Back to the Layers box, you can either choose to merge Layer 2 into Layer 1, or you can simply move both Layer 1 and Layer 2 into a new layer. Below, I’ve added another layer and called it Merge.

Since Layer 1 and Layer 2 are still in my clipboard, we can just lock Layer 1 and Layer 2 for now.

inkscape merge layer

Step 4

With the Merge layer selected, head up to Edit > Paste in Place to put the contents of Layer 1 and Layer 2 into Layer Merge.

inkscape paste in place

Step 5

And that’s all there is to it! As you can see below, I’ve just deleted the other layers as there wasn’t a need for them. Now, this method of course works for merging or combining even more Layers into a single one.

inkscape merge layers

All Layered Up!

This was part of 5 Essential Inkscape Tips and Tricks.

I’m sure there are other methods of merging or combining layers in Inkscape, but this one is certainly fast and easy. Perhaps one day we’ll see the introduction of an actual “Merge Layers” button, but who knows! Thanks for reading.

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