How to Crop in Inkscape

Something as seemingly simple as cropping in Inkscape can baffle beginners and pros alike. Let’s go over how to crop in this quick tutorial.

Step 1

For this example, I’ll be using this adorable Pikachu wallpaper from a previous tutorial. I should also note that if you’re wanting to crop an entire scene, make sure everything is Grouped. (select everything, Object > Group)

pikachu face

Step 2

Next, grab the Rectangle tool and draw an area that you’d like to crop. As you can see below, I’ve intentionally made my rectangle transparent so that I could see the area under it.

square crop pikachu

Step 3

With both the scene and the rectangle selected, head up to Object > Clip > Set to crop.

rectangle crop inkscape

Step 4

Below is my cropped result!

inkscape cropped pikachu

Step 5

You don’t have to just use rectangles either – you can use any shape imaginable, such as a group of circles.

circles pikachu

Step 6

After repeating the same steps, I ended up with this neat result!

pikachu circle crop

That’s How to Crop!

This was part of the 5 Essential Inkscape Tips and Tricks.

Cropping in Inkscape is a super effective way to remove a portion of a scene or image. Now that you know how to crop, you probably also noticed that it’s super easy to do in Inkscape. Thanks for reading!

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