5 Essential Inkscape Tips and Tricks

It’s time to look at 5 of some of the most essential Inkscape basics. This is a great place for beginners to start and learn things like cropping, erasing, and even tracing a photo. Take a look and happy reading!

1. How to Crop in Inkscape

Something as seemingly simple as cropping in Inkscape can baffle beginners and pros alike. Let’s go over how to crop in this quick tutorial.

how to crop in inkscape

2. How to Erase in Inkscape

If you’re wondering how to “erase” things in Inkscape, there’s a good chance you may be new to vector design. Either way, let’s go over how to erase in Inkscape!

how to erase in inkscape

3. How to Curve Text in Inkscape

One of the most popular graphic design aspects is the ability to alter the way text looks. If you’ve ever been down that alley, you might have wondered how to curve text in Inkscape. Let’s go over how to do just that!

how to curve text in inkscape

4. How to Merge Layers in Inkscape

When you start working with particularly advanced designs, you may find yourself using Inkscape’s Layers. You may also find yourself wanting to combine or merge multiple layers into just one. Let’s go over how to combine layers in Inkscape!

how to merge layers in inkscape

5. How to Trace a Photo in Inkscape

Inkscape’s Trace Bitmap feature is a very cool and fun way to convert physical drawings, clip art, or even photos into full vector graphics. Let’s go over how to vectorize a photo in Inkscape!

how to trace a photo in inkscape

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