Creating a Wreath Pattern in Inkscape

In this holiday tutorial, we’re going to go over an excellent trick to draw a wreath with ease. By using repeating objects as markers, we can essentially create a wreath out of any shape. Let’s get started!

The Final Result

christmas wreath clipart

1. Freehand the Bristles

Step 1

To start our bristles pattern, grab the Rectangle tool and draw a perfect green square (hold Control and drag).

draw green square

Step 2

Next, grab the Pencil tool and set Smoothing: 50, along with setting Shape: Triangle in. With these set, you’ll be able to simply freehand a bristle with a slightly darker green.

green triangle stroke

Step 3

Go ahead and keep drawing these bristles like I have below. As you can see, I’ve placed some behind the block to make the others easier to work with.

green bristles

Step 4

Then proceed to fill the square with even more bristles. You’ll notice that I did the original green for the top layer (the dark green was just to add some depth). I won’t lie… this took a good amount of tinkering to make it look just right for the upcoming pattern.

pine wreath pattern

2. Creating the Pattern

Step 1

Select the square/bristles and Control+G to group those together. With your group selected, head up to Object > Objects to Marker to move this over to the markers.

objects to marker

Step 2

We’ll be doing a simple circular wreath, so just use the Ellipse tool to draw a perfect circle (hold Control and drag). Also, head up to Path > Object to Path to convert this circle to some nodes.

draw a circle

Step 3

With your circle selected, head over to Fill and Stroke and click the Stroke style tab. This is where you’ll be able to assign your custom objects as a Start Marker and Mid Marker.

assign mid marker

Step 4

With the markers assigned, select your circle with the Nodes tool and click the Add nodes button. Since we have the Mid Markers set, it’ll just add more of the bristle pattern, so just keep adding nodes until you get desirable results.

add nodes for marker

Step 5

Here’s my finished wreath bristle pattern. I should also note that I adjusted the circle’s Stroke width to adjust the thickness of this pattern.

inskcape wreath pattern brush

3. Final Touches

Step 1

We might as well finish up the wreath at this point! Some people enjoy decorating wreaths, so let’s throw some ornaments on here. Simply draw a dark green shadow circle, a red circle, and a white oval reflection. Easy enough - you can do this!

wreath ornament

Step 2

I also did some smaller yellow ones and just scattered them about.

wreath with ornaments

Step 3

If you want to go all out, you can slap a bow on the bottom! I just drew this one really quick by hand, so maybe yours might look better. Oh, I also put a Filters > Shadows and Glows > Drop Shadow for some extra awesome.

christmas wreath clipart

Wreally Easy, Huh?

This tutorial is part of 5 Easy Holiday Drawing Tutorials Using Inkscape

By using Inkscape’s neat Objects to Marker settings, we very easily created a circular wreath from just a small pattern. It actually looks a lot better than I expected, but you definitely need to tinker with those bristles to get it to look just right. Thanks for reading!

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