5 Easy Holiday Drawing Tutorials Using Inkscape

When your favorite holiday comes around the corner, sometimes you just have to start drawing stuff! Let’s look at 5 simple holiday drawing tutorials that use some of Inkscape’s best features.

1. How to Draw a Cartoon Turkey

If you’ve been wondering how to draw a turkey for Thanksgiving, you’ve come to the right step by step tutorial. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t involve tracing your hand because we’ll be using Inkscape!

thanksgiving clip art

2. How to Draw a Christmas Tree in Inkscape

‘Tis the season to draw some Christmas trees! In this Inkscape tutorial, we’ll be using some simple shapes to draw a clip art style Christmas tree. Let’s get started!

christmas tree clip art

3. Creating a Wreath Pattern in Inkscape

In this holiday tutorial, we’re going to go over an excellent trick to draw a wreath with ease. By using repeating objects as markers, we can essentially create a wreath out of any shape. Let’s get started!

christmas wreath clipart

4. Easiest Way to Draw a Snowflake

Here’s a quick, fun way to draw a snowflake using Inkscape. If you’ve been wondering how to draw a snowflake with ease, this is your tutorial!

inkscape snowflake

5. How to Draw a Hot Dog using Inkscape

The old frankfurter shows up to many holidays and events these days. We’ll be drawing a hot dog, a bun, and possibly some sort of condiments in this tutorial!

hot dog in bun mustard vector

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