How to Draw a Christmas Tree in Inkscape

‘Tis the season to draw some Christmas trees! In this Inkscape tutorial, we’ll be using some simple shapes to draw a clip art style Christmas tree. Let’s get started!

The Final Result

christmas tree clip art

1. Create The Greens

Step 1

To start, let’s grab the Polygon tool and select the Star shape. Now, change your settings to match mine below and hold Control while you drag to create this triangle shape. Give this a nice green color, of course.

polygon tool triangle

Step 2

With the triangle still selected, head up to Path > Object to Path to create some nodes. Grab the Nodes tool and select the middle nodes on all sides, then click Make nodes symmetric.

smooth triangle

Step 3

This will curve the paths and allow you to adjust them to look something like mine below. I dragged a Guide down from the top ruler to keep my handles even.

rounded triangle

Step 4

Now we need to create a shadow. To get started, duplicate (Control+D) the triangle shape. Next, get that Pen tool out and draw a simple curved line over this new triangle. Select both the triangle and the line, then head up to Path > Division to make the cut.

inkscape create shadow

Step 5

You’ll end up with two shapes - grab the shadow shape and discard the rest. Then, position the shadow shape over the original triangle (using Object > Align and Distribute will make this much easier). Give the shadow shape just a slightly darker green color.

tree top shadow

2. Assemble the Tree

Step 1

Now that we’ve got our tree part, we can simply duplicate a few of these, resize, and position accordingly.

pine tree parts

Step 2

Next up, grab the Rectangle tool and draw a simple brown, tree trunk shape. Let’s also Path > Object to Path this square.

draw tree trunk

Step 3

With the Nodes tool, adjust the shape to look a little more trunk-like.

adjust trunk shape

Step 4

Of course, we need a shadow for the tree trunk also. We’ll be doing the same method as before, so go ahead and draw a line over a duplicated tree trunk and Divide.

create trunk shadow

Step 5

Position the shadow shape over the original tree trunk with Align and Distribute and darken the brown.

pine tree shadows

3. Pot the Tree

Step 1

So to start drawing the pot, draw a couple ovals over each other with the Ellipse tool. Once again, let’s run Object to Path on both of these.

draw two circles

Step 2

To create a pot shape, select the Nodes tool, select the side and bottom nodes, and then Add nodes.

circles add nodes

Step 3

Grab the bottom nodes and drag them down to create the pot.

inkscape pot shape

Step 4

You guessed it… another shadow!

tree pot shadow

Step 5

Now just position the shadow on the pot.

pine tree in pot

4. Ornaments!

Step 1

Well, let’s just start with a star on the top. Grab the Polygon tool again and set your settings to mine below, then simply draw a bright yellow star.

star on top of tree

Step 2

Now it’s time to draw those simple round ornaments. Start with a red circle and a white oval for a reflection.

red circle reflection

Step 3

And for the final time, let’s give this ornament a shadow.

ornament shadow

Step 4

To polish it off, add another circle behind the ornament that has the same tree shadow green.

red round ornament

Step 5

Now just duplicate a bunch of these and place them anywhere you want!

christmas tree vector

Step 6

All that’s left to do is add some sort of cool snowflake background to finish the scene. Looks great!

christmas tree clip art

‘Tis the End!

This tutorial is part of 5 Easy Holiday Drawing Tutorials Using Inkscape

That finishes up our Christmas tree drawing tutorial in Inkscape. Our end result is a nice, simple looking Christmas tree with a clip art style to it. I hope you had fun with this one!

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