How to Create a Barcode Using Inkscape

You know what a barcode is, but do you know how to make one? Luckily, you don’t need to know how because Inkscape will just generate barcodes for you! Let’s find out how in this quick tip.

Step 1

Simply head up to Extensions > Render > Barcode. Select your barcode type (they all have different benefits, restrictions, etc) and type in your data. I did a normal UPC-A with some numbers and clicked Apply.

inkscape barcode generator

Step 2

Unlike UPC-A, Code39 accepts numbers and letters. Cool, huh?

letters in barcode

Step 3

If you’re interested, there’s also Extensions > Render > Barcode – Datamatrix. There’s a few settings that allow to fit more or less data in a single square. This is what I ended up with after a bunch of messing around.

barcode data matrix

Step 4

Since this looks so much like a QR code, I had to try and scan it with my phone.

scan barcode datamatrix

Step 5

Hey, it worked! That’s pretty neat. Makes me wonder if Inkscape should get an actual QR code generator…

url in barcode

That’s It

Hopefully this intro to the barcode generator in Inkscape is enough to get you started. You might find it useful or just plain fun! Thanks for reading.

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