The Pac-Man Tool in Inkscape

Alright, there’s not really a tool named after Pac-Man in Inkscape. What there is, though, is a couple quick settings to change in the Ellipse tool that lets you draw a retro Pac-Man in the blink of an eye.

Step 1

Let’s grab the Ellipse tool and draw a perfect circle by holding Control and dragging. Then just set the fill to one of the yellowest of the yellows you can think of.

yellow ellipse

Don’t Do This

There’s a little handle on each ellipse that can simply be dragged to create a segment. I suppose you can do it this way, but you’ll see below that the resulting mouth is off center.

creating arcs

But, In Case You Did

Don’t forget about this nifty button in the Ellipse tool menu. Clicking this will remove any arcs or segments for the selected ellipse, in case you messed it up and you just want to start over.

remove arcs

Step 2

What you’ll want to do is manually change the Start and End angles to 30 and -30 respectively. Now we have a pretty legitimate Pac-Man!

manual arc adjustment

Step 3

The best part about this is that these new settings become the default for the Ellipse tool, so you can just keep drawing as much Pac-Man as you want!

the pac man tool

And That’s It!

While this retro Pac-Man drawing isn’t particularly advanced, it’s pretty neat having what could essentially be called the Pac-Man tool. With just a couple options changed and a few tricks learned, you can go on a Pac-Man spree! Thanks for reading.

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