How to Remove All Guides in Inkscape

If you’ve found yourself in a mess of Guides, deleting them one-by-one can be a real pain. Let’s go over a neat way to delete all of the Guides in an Inkscape document with one click!

Step 1

Below is my document with Guides scattered all over the place, but I’d really like to delete them all at once.

inkscape guides

Step 2

To remove all of the Guides at once, simply head up to Extensions > Render > Guides Creator to bring up the menu. Keep Preset: Custom and check Delete existing guides, then just click Apply to delete them all.

guides creator delete all guides inkscape

Step 3

Tada! All of my Guides have been successfully deleted.

inkscape blank document

And We’re Done

As you can see, this is a very quick and easy tutorial that shows how to delete all Guides in Inkscape with one click. I came across this neat trick on accident, but it quickly became useful (maybe Inkscape will officially add this feature later on). Thanks for reading!


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