How to Draw an Adorable Nemo

Let’s go over step by step on how to draw that cute orange fish we’ve all grown to love.

The Final Result

how to draw nemo in inkscape

1. Drawing Nemo’s Head

Step 1

To start, let’s grab the Ellipse tool and draw a perfect, orange circle.

perfect orange circle

Step 2

With the circle selected, head up to Path > Object to Path so we can adjust the nodes. Use the Nodes tool to fine tune the shape to what I have below.

circle adjust nodes

Step 3

Now, let’s draw another perfect circle and color it white as we’ll be drawing the eyes with this.

white circle in orange circle

Step 4

Continue to draw another black circle, along with another white circle. Position them accordingly to get that signature cartoon eye.

a single eye

Step 5

Once you’ve finished one eye, go ahead and Object > Group, then duplicate it for the second eye. You can also use Object > Align and Distribute to align everything.

how to draw cartoon eyes

Step 6

For the mouth, let’s just use the Pen tool and draw a simple line with a 2px Stroke.

straight line smile

Step 7

Then we can use the Nodes tool to curve that line into a cute smile.

curved line smile

Step 8

To finish it up, let’s put two round lines on each end of the smile.

how to draw a cartoon smile

Step 9

While we’re at it, let’s use this same line style to draw a couple eyebrows.

cartoon eyebrows

2. Drawing Nemo’s Side Fins

Step 1

To start drawing fins, we’re going to use the Pen tool to draw a shape similar to the one below.

jagged fish fin

Step 2

Now we can use the Nodes tool and round out those corners.

drawing a fish fin

Step 3

When your fin is perfect, go ahead and give it a slightly darker orange color and set it behind the head.

orange fish fin

Step 4

And of course, we need to duplicate this fin, flip it horizontally, and shrink it down a bit.

nemo's small fin

Step 5

Now we need to embark on the unfortunate task of chopping up Nemo’s poor little fin. To start, just draw a triangle over the area we’re going to cut.

triangle over fin

Step 6

With both the triangle and the fin selected, head up to Path > Difference to make the incision.

inkscape difference

Step 7

Now you can do some finishing touches by rounding some of the edges.

detailing small fin

3. Drawing Nemo’s Top Fin

Step 1

To start drawing the top fin, let’s grab the Pen tool and draw a slanted rectangle.

top fin shape

Step 2

Of course, we’ll need to smooth things out a bit again.

rounded top fin

Step 3

And let’s give it that same color orange we started with.

orange top fin

Step 4

We’re also going to want to add an addition to the top fin.

extended fish fin

Step 5

And, yes, let’s round yet another object.

rounded extended fin

Step 6

Finally, make it a slightly darker orange and place it behind the first part of the fin.

orange top fish fin

4. The Finishing Touches

Step 1

To create some shading, let’s duplicate the original head object.

orange and red circle

Step 2

Next, you’ll want to position one over the other and stretch it out a bit.

overlapping ovals

Step 3

With both of those shapes selected, head up to Path > Difference. You’ll end up with a nice cutout shape like I have below.

shading shape

Step 4

Go ahead and put this shading shape into position. Align and Distribute will be your best friend for keeping your shading shapes aligned.

nemo add shading

Step 5

Repeat this process to get the desired shading for your fins also.

nemo fin shading

Step 6

Don’t forget his tiny fin!

nemo with shading

Step 7

I also added some black tips on his fins by using the same Path > Difference method for each fin.

nemo cartoon drawing

Step 8

Finally, all that’s left to do is create some sort of background to finish it up! He’s so darn cute, I can’t stand it.

how to draw nemo in inkscape

That Fin-ishes Things Up!

This was such a fun drawing to do because it’s so simple and adorable. We went over basic Inkscape functions and shapes to create a cartoon version of Nemo, and it turned out pretty well. Thanks for reading!

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