How to Draw a Rubik’s Cube in Inkscape

We all know the signature look of the famous Rubik’s Cube, but you may not know how to draw one in Inkscape. We’ll be using full 3D perspective to draw a nice looking Rubik’s Cube vector in this Inkscape tutorial.

The Final Result

3d rubiks cube inkscape

1. Drawing the Face Plates

Step 1

To start, let’s grab the Rectangle tool to draw a 100px by 100px square. Also, give it a Ry: 10px (which are rounded corners).

green rounded square

Step 2

With this square still selected, head up to Path > Object to Path. Now go ahead and give it a black stroke of 10px.

rounded corners square

Step 3

Keep that square selected and head up to Edit > Clone > Create Tiled Clones. Set the settings under the Shift tab as I have, along with 3 rows and 3 columns. Don’t forget to click Create to watch the magic happen!

create tiled clones

Step 4

Now that you have this, there should be an extra square at the top-left – go ahead and drag it out of the way (or delete it). Then select the entire face and head up to Edit > Clone > Unlink Clone.

rubiks cube single face

Step 5

With all of them still selected, select Path > Combine to make this a single object.

inkscape combine

Step 6

Since the cube face is a single object now, you can go ahead duplicate a few of these and give them those Rubik’s Cube colors for the Fills.

rubiks cube faces colors

2. Creating the 3D Cube

Step 1

To create a 3D cube in perspective, we can use the awesome 3D perspective grid from this tip. Simply use the Pen tool to draw 3 sides of a cube separately.

inkscape 3d perspective grid

Step 2

Bring that cube on over and just give it a thin black Stroke and remove the Fill.

3 faces 3 sides

Step 3

To apply the perspective, select the left face plate and shift+click the left cube face. Now head up to Extensions > Modify Path > Perspective.

inkscape apply perspective

Step 4

You should end up with a result like below. Now we need to continue this for the other two sides.

inkscape perspective result

Step 5

Here’s all of the 3 sides with perspective applied. You’ll have to manually remove the original perspective lines.

inkscape rubiks perspective

Step 6

To finish it up, let’s use the Pen tool to draw a black polygon to fill in all of those white spots. We’ll be placing this behind the cube, of course.

black box rubiks

Step 7

Like I said, let’s place that black shape behind the cube. I also adjusted the Stroke on the top face to 5px to make it look more even. Now we have a nice, crisp looking Rubik’s Cube!

3d rubiks cube inkscape

We’re All Done!

Look at that awesome Rubik’s Cube we’ve created by using an awesome 3d perspective grid, create tiled clones, and the actual perspective extension. I hope you had fun with this one, thanks for reading!

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