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With Inkscape being around for more than a decade now, it got me wondering what all of these critics think about Inkscape. Obviously, we all love Inkscape, but I’m more interested as to what people are docking points for – and if these things have been improved as of today. – 4.5/5


  • Can’t reconfigure vertical toolbar
    As far as I know you can’t reconfigure the main toolbar, which would indeed be nice. I imagine a configurable toolbar setup would look like something like this:
    inkscape customize tool bar
  • No gradient mesh
    Obviously, a gradient mesh tool would be incredible so we wouldn’t have to keep doing this. While there are experimental gradient mesh tools for Inkscape, nothing official has been announced yet.
    gradient mesh in inkscape
  • 3D Boxes tool gimmicky
    I’m not sure if the 3D Boxes tool being gimmicky is worth docking points for, but I agree – I’ve never found much use for this tool.
    3d box tool inkscape
  • Filters are “hit or miss”
    Filters are also a subjective place to take points away for as it’s really just a bunch of bonus features.
    inkscape filters bark
  • Can’t install extensions within Inkscape
    It would be great if there was some way to search for and install extensions right in the Inkscape document, just like the Open Clipart Library.
    inkscape import extensions

Sourceforge User Reviews – 4.8/5


  • No CMYK yet
    Inkscape not truly supporting CMYK is by no means a deal breaker, but it would be incredible to expand Inkscape’s usability over to print design.
  • Stability issues
    Stability issues is a pretty vague statement, but Inkscape can be unpredictable sometimes and ultimately crash. This is just one of the downsides you get from such an ambitious, open-source project. Thankfully, when Inkscape might crash, it’s very good about automatically saving/recovering your document. You can also try to optimize Inkscape for better results.
  • Problems with Mac users
    Fortunately, I’ve run Windows and Linux Inkscape setups for years with no issues, but there are plenty reports of Inkscape not working on some Mac systems.

Good Job, Inkscape!

As it turns out, critic and user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The improvement process with Inkscape may just go on forever, but that’s what makes this open-source graphics software incredible. Thanks for reading!

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