Free Commercial Use Clip Art for Inkscape

What if I told you that Inkscape now has a feature that imports free, commercial use clip art without even opening a browser? Let me introduce you to the new Import Clip Art tool in Inkscape.

Step 1

First, make sure you have the new Inkscape 0.91 downloaded and ready to go. Then head up to File > Import Clip Art to bring up the window.

inkscape import clip art

Step 2

Simply search what you’re looking for and it’ll search the library to bring you the results right in Inkscape!

import clip art search

Step 3

After you click Import, it puts the vector right on your canvas. Now, everything from Import Clip Art is available for unlimited commercial use, which makes very clear.

old british taxi clip art

Step 4

Since this is a fully editable vector, I can go ahead and do anything I want, such as change the color of this cool taxi.

yellow british taxi clip art

That’s It!

The Import Clip Art is one of my favorite new features in Inkscape and I can’t get enough of it! I love sifting through all of these neat creations from people around the world. Knowing that all of this free clip art is for commercial use adds to the never ending open-source freedom. Thanks for reading!


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