Draw a Pretzel Shape in Just 3 Steps

This is by far the easiest way to draw a pretzel shape in Inkscape. Not that you’d ever need to draw a pretzel, but you never know!

Step 1

First, grab the Pen tool and draw the basic polygon shape of a pretzel as I have below.

base pretzel outline

Step 2

Now select all of the nodes and select the Make selected nodes symmetric from the nodes toolbar.

rounded pretzel shape

Step 3

Finally, just head over to Fill and Stroke and add a nice thick Stroke of about 70-80px along with Rounded caps.

black pretzel

There’s Your Pretzel!

Seriously, we’re done already! It’s not particularly glamorous or anything (after all, it is just a pretzel), but it is a really fun way to draw a pretzel in about 10 seconds. You could of course do some shading and details, but that wouldn’t be a quick tip now would it? Thanks for reading!

easy pretzel drawing

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