Creating a Polygon Bonfire in Inkscape

In this tip, we’ll be creating a pretty neat flame entirely out of polygons. While it may look a little unorthodox, the method is a really neat way to create fire!

Step 1

First, grab your Pen tool and draw a tiny, sloppy triangle. Around 28px by 20px perhaps.

draw a triangle

Step 2

Now set the Fill to Unset, which is that question mark icon in Fill and Stroke. Don’t forget to remove the stroke as well.

apply fill

Step 3

For this entire effect, we’ll be using Edit > Clone > Create Tiled Clones. The settings I have for the flame effect are as follows:

Shift X: Per Column: -50%, Randomize: 50%
Shift Y: Per Row: -150%, Randomize: 50%

Angle: Randomize: 100%

Blur & Opacity
Fade Out: Per Row: 1%

Initial Color: R 255, G 228, B 0
H: Per Row: -0.5%

And finally, I want to fill an area of 200px wide and 300px tall. Then just click Create!

create tiled clones

Step 4

You should have ended up with something like this. Pretty neat, right?

polygon flames

Step 5

Since it’s still a bit square, let’s grab our Eraser tool to touch up. Make sure you have the mode set to Delete objects, and just drag your cursor around to delete some of those triangles at the top.

eraser tool touchup

Step 6

And just to finish it up, I’m going to draw some polygon pieces of wood.

draw polygon wood

Step 7

Finally, I’ll just add a couple background colors. Look pretty awesome actually!

polygon flame bonfire

Let’s Have a Bonfire!

The end result of our polygon bonfire is pretty abstract, but also a really neat flame effect. Inkscape’s Create Tiled Clones is always so efficient and fun to play with, creating an entire fire out of triangles is a breeze. Have fun messing around with this one – thanks for reading!

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