Coloring Tiles With The Tweak Tool in Inkscape

I’ll bet you didn’t know you can use Tweak tool to paint things, did you? Either way, this is a really neat way to utilize a few of Inkscape’s features to color in a unique set of tiles.

Step 1

First, grab your Rectangle tool and draw a perfect 35px by 35px square. Then go to Path > Object to Path to convert it into a path.

Also, position the square 5px from the top and the left of your document.

draw a  rectangle

Step 2

With the square still selected, go to Edit > Clone > Create Tiled Clones.

create tiled clones

Step 3

Click the Shift tab and set the variables as I have them below. Since I happen to have a 600px by 600px document, I can cram 15 of these squares in here, so enter that in for Rows, columns. Then just click Create.

create tiled clones

Step 4

Since we’ll want to edit these squares individually later on, we should select all of our squares and go to Edit > Clone > Unlink Clone.

unlink clone

Step 5

With all of the squares still selected, we can now select our Tweak tool and set it’s mode to Paint the tool’s color.

enter the tweak tool

Step 6

All of the selected tiles are now ready to be painted. Go ahead and change your Fill to a different color and click+drag over all of the tiles to paint them. Awesome, huh?

painting tiles with the tweak tool

Step 7

I used about 4 different colors to create this neat, smooth mosaic-like design. Just keep messing around with different colors!

painted tile mosaic

Step 8

For a few finishing touches, I added a slight Filters > Shadows and Blurs > Drop Shadow to give it some depth. I also went as far as to add some gray texture with Filters > Image Effects > Film Grain behind the tiles to simulate grout.

tweak tile mosaic

And There’s That!

Our end result looks like some sort of painted mosaic tile, which is pretty cool. Knowing how to use Create Tiled Clones is an excellent skill in Inkscape since it’s so efficient and dynamic. Hopefully this was a good way to learn how to tile, along with a neat use of one of the many features of the Tweak tool. Thanks for reading!

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