4 Ways to Make Inkscape Run Faster

If you’ve been using Inkscape, you may have wondered how to make Inkscape run faster. Thankfully, there’s a few ways to greatly improve your performance. Let’s go over 4 great ways to give your Inkscape setup a kick in the pants!

1. Filter Quality

One of the most effective ways to speed up Inkscape is to combat Filters. Head up to File > Inkscape Preferences and look for the Filters menu. Here you can adjust the Gaussian blur and Filter effects quality to your liking.

inkscape filter quality

2. Increase Thread Count

In that same menu, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the option to change Number of Threads. If you have a multi-core CPU, go ahead and add some threads to theoretically speed up some rendering.

inkscape thread count

3. Display Mode

Another really effective method to increase your Inkscape speed is to head up to View > Display Mode > No Filters. Any of your objects with filters (blurs, shadows, etc) will simply appear without any fancy effects. They won’t export this way, of course.

inkscape no filters

4. Layer Management

Clever use of Layers will also yield some better performance results. Below, I have a crackling detail inside my star that’s actually about a thousand nodes (which totally ruins performance). What you can do is place resource intensive details such as this in a separate layer, and then click the eye icon to hide them when not in use.

inkscape layer performance

There You Go!

Now that you have these performance tips, you no longer have to wonder why Inkscape is so slow! Go ahead and tinker with these and get a combination that works well with your setup. Thanks for reading!

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