3 Ways to Rotate in Inkscape

If you’re just starting out in Inkscape, you may be wondering how to rotate in Inkscape. No need to worry, because we’ll be going over 3 different ways to rotate objects in Inkscape!

1. Rotate Handles

Below, the square on the left has resize handles and the square on the right has rotate/skew handles. To bring up the rotate handles, simply click on an object, and then click again (do not double-click). Now just grab a rotation handle and drag!

Also, you can hold Control to snap the angle or use the ‘[‘ and ‘]’ keys.

inkscape rotation handles

2. Rotate Selection

Another useful way to quickly rotate is to use the 90° buttons on the Selection tool toolbar.

rotate selection inkscape

3. Transform

But the most precise and controlled way to rotate is to head up to Object > Transform. This useful dialog box lets you type down specific angles in which to rotate - precise up to 3 decimal points! If you want to get super mathematical, you can even switch from Degrees to Radians.

inkscape transform rotate

That’s How You Rotate!

There we have it - three different ways to rotate stuff in Inkscape! Hopefully you’ve found these little tips useful on how to rotate in Inkscape, so go ahead and give it a try! Thanks for reading.

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