3 Ways to Draw Triangles in Inkscape

Something that seems so simple such as drawing a triangle can be often overlooked until you need it. So you might be wondering how to draw a triangle in Inkscape, right? Well, let’s go over three different methods to draw a triangle!

1. The Polygon Tool

Probably the easiest way to draw a triangle in Inkscape is to just use the Polygon tool, set the mode to Regular polygon, set the Corners to 3, and finally just draw your triangle. As you can see though, this will always draw an equilateral triangle.

polygon tool triangle

2. The Split Rectangle

Step 1

Another rather easy way to create precise triangles is to use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle. After that, select your rectangle and head up to Path > Object to Path.

draw square

Step 2

Now to create the triangle, select 3 nodes on the side in which to split. With those selected with the Nodes tool, you can now go to the nodes toolbar and select Delete segment.

select three nodes

Step 3

You should end up with a nice triangle like this. Unlike the Polygon tool, this method doesn’t have to create an equilateral triangle.

split rectangle triangle

3. The Pen Tool

Step 1

This method is pretty much just free handing it with the Pen tool. One setting you’ll want to select to make this easier is the Straight line segments mode when using the Pen tool. Now simply go ahead and draw your three points, connecting the last one with the first one, of course.

pen tool straight lines

Step 2

Here’s the triangle I ended up with by using the Pen tool. This method is nice because you can draw whatever type of triangle you want.

pen tool triangle

There We Go!

While drawing triangles in Inkscape might seem pretty novice, these tips should be a pretty good guide for beginners. Thanks for reading!

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