3 Awesome Text Tips in Inkscape

Did you know that Inkscape has spell check? Well, when you start working on more professional projects, you may find yourself dealing with text. Let’s go over 3 very useful text tips!

1. Spell Check

Yes, there is spell check in Inkscape! Simply head up to Text > Check Spelling to bring up the dialog box that suggests words for misspelled ones.

spell check in inkscape

2. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Step 1

In case you don’t know, “Lorem ipsum” has been the standard for filler text for generations. To generate this text in Inkscape, grab your Text tool and drag out an area to fill with Lorem ipsum text.

space for lorem ipsum

Step 2

With your text area drawn, go up to Extensions > Text > Lorem ipsum to bring up the dialog box. Here, you can check Live preview to see your settings in real time. Cool, huh?

lorem ipsum generator inkscape

3. Text on Path

Step 1

If you need to curve some text, putting it on a curved path is a pretty good option. Go ahead and select your text first, then select the path.

text with curved path

Step 2

Now you can select Text > Put on Path and watch the magic happen!

text on path inkscape

There We Go!

So there’s our 3 super helpful text tips in Inkscape. Spell check will most certainly come in handy for a text sensitive project, along with lorem ipsum filler text. Thanks for reading!


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