5 Of My Favorite New Inkscape v1.0 Features

For those of you who may not know, Inkscape v1.0 Beta 1 was opened up to the public recently. This is a huge update with a ton of new features, adjustments, and bug fixes. While I was tinkering around in this newest version of Inkscape, I found some great features I wanted to share, so let’s begin!

1. Rotate the Entire Canvas

Here it is! A feature I never knew I wanted. While pressing SHIFT+CTRL, scroll with your mouse to rotate the canvas to your desired angle. If you look closely at the bottom-right in the demonstration below, you’ll see the exact angle displayed in degrees (which can be edited as well). I’m not entirely sure what the benefits would be by rotating the entire canvas, but it’s here and I love it.

inkscape rotate canvas

2. On-Canvas Alignment

Now, onto a very useful feature. On-canvas alignment allows you to use a handful aligning options on the fly. To enable this, open Object > Align and Distribute and toggle the on-canvas button as shown below.

on canvas toggle button

So now that you’ve got the on-canvas alignment handles turned on, let’s learn how to use them. Make your selection of objects you’re looking to align and click on it once to get rotating handles, but then click once more to get alignment handles. Have a look at the graphic below to see what these new handles do!

inkscape on-screen alignment

3. Adjustable Filter Region

Have you ever wanted to blur an object, but then you notice the selection area cuts off the filter? It generally looks exactly like this:

inkscape blur cut off

Let’s welcome the new adjustable filter region to save the day. After you’ve applied a filter (like a blur), select the Nodes tool and you’ll notice little diamonds on the top left and bottom right of your selection. Drag these to adjust the filter region as seen below.

adjustable filter region

4. Custom Inkscape Themes

Previously if you wanted to personalize certain things on your Inkscape interface, you would have to actually go to the root Inkscape folder and tinker with files and images.

Now you can just go to Edit > Preferences, select the Interface drop down, and select Theme. Here you can change the entire way Inkscape looks and adjust icon themes and sizes separately.

inkscape change theme

One of the coolest things was the multicolor-beta icon theme because you can actually dynamically change the highlight colors of the tool icons, which looks amazing.

inkscape icon highlights

5. Live Path Effects Makeover!

This feature update is way too big to go into detail about here, so a future article will be coming to break down all of the path effects.

If you want to tinker around with these, select Path > Path Effects to bring up the menu. Then just select any path and hit the “+” icon to Add Path Effect, which brings up this window shown below.

inkscape live path selector

If you’re not familiar with Live Path Effects, these things will morph, distort, and completely alter normal paths and objects. The amount of path effects is incredible, including the insane amount of options each effect has. You can even combine path effects!

Below, I just took an ordinary triangle and applied the Hatches path effect to get this awesome result.

hatches path effect

That’s It For Now!

Thanks for reading my little list of cool new features coming to the newest version of Inkscape. The path effects really are incredible and I can’t wait to finish an in-depth article on those.


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